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Dead Pioneers

Album • Released Sep 16, 2023


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The Dead Pioneers debut album was born accidentally! It's a legitimately long story, so we won't bore you with the details, but will say that this was born in a sincere love of music, identity, and comradery of friends with a fair amount of lightening in a bottle. Informed by punk of old and new, we hope that you see the vision, hear the love and enjoy what we've created!
  1. 01Tired2:10
  2. 02We Were Punk First1:07
  3. 03Moving Day0:37
  4. 04The Punchline0:48
  5. 05Bad Indian2:49
  6. 06The Art of Savagery1:38
  7. 07Rage1:38
  8. 08Dreamcatcher0:40
  9. 09World Up My Ass1:14
  10. 10This is Not a Political Song4:51
  11. 11Doom Indian1:52
  12. 12No One Owns Anything and Death Is Real2:31
12 tracks, 21 minutes